18. Singer/Songwriter/In a Band. London


Ask box open for all :)


Anonymous asked
You are very attractive & I hope you great things happen to you

☺️☺️my heart goes out to you x

Anonymous asked
Okay how about flawless for Beyoncé, gypsy for shakira, or would you rather just combine them and do beautiful liar?😂

Looooool combine them

I’m so sore that I can barely take off my shirt, maybe this whole “getting back in shape” thing needs to calm for me

Anonymous asked
Would you ever date a fellow blogger?


10 facts about me

1. I am all about the banter.
2. If you don’t enjoy partying, avoid me.
3. I partake in the inhalation of marijuana.
4. I can never take a hint.
5. I love to sing.
6. Bodybuilding is my sport.
7. Buy me pizza and cigarettes and I’ll marry you.
8. Whiskey.
9. I WILL study your micro expressions.
10. Ain’t every dated someone :S

Peace out.
Power to the Vage.

Anonymous asked
would you rather sing beyoncé or shakira👀

Oooo depends on the song !

skateboard-bound asked
Man! Hope your voice gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and LAWD if you could sing Magic - let your hair down I would love you forever! I sing it every so often but I suck haha

Thanks man! I’ll defo give it a go
And a listen till I’ve properly healed ! Haha